Vishal Dharmadhikari is the founder and CEO of India Cyber Connect, a privately held organization committed to serve India’s cyberspace. He was also an Israel-Asia Leaders Fellow at the Israel-Asia Center from 2012 to 2013.


While a fellow at the Israel-Asia Center, Vishal initiated India-Israel Cybersecurity Connect – a business event featuring leading governmental and corporate cybersecurity figures, along with start-up companies to formulate cross-border cybersecurity partnerships.This event was incorporated into the 3rd Annual International Cybersecurity Conference, which took place in Tel Aviv, June 2013, and which led to the launch of India Cyber Connect. 


Vishal has a master’s degree in Security and Diplomacy Studies from Tel Aviv University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Intelligence Studies at American Military University (AMU), and was on the Dean’s Honors List for 2010, 2011, and first quarter of 2012 at AMU.

Vishal Dharmadhikari

Founder & CEO

India Cyber Connect


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