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Jinghao Lu

Jinghao Lu is the co-founder of The New Triangle, a venture that connects social entrepreneurs in Africa with capital from Chinese investors. Accepted and supported by the Pears Challenge, The New Triangle will spearhead a cooperative approach between Israeli and African Entrepreneurs and Chinese Investors, providing knowledge and creating networks that will demystify Africa to investors and encourage business leadership of Israel and China in Africa.


With a professional background in China-Africa investment analysis, Jinghao has worked as a China-Africa analyst for a research strategy and investment firm in Johannesburg, South Africa from 2011 to 2013. He planned and led high-level business trips involving senior executives of multinational corporations seeking marketing and project negotiations in China and organized training programs and business conferences to bridge the Africa and China business worlds.


Currently, Jinghao is a student on the IMBA program at Tel Aviv University with the Hinrich Global Trade Leaders Scholarship while participating in the Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship at the Israel-Asia Center. He holds a master's degree in International Affairs at Penn State University, with time spent studying the University of Ghana in West Africa.

Co-founder, The New Triangle

Israel-Asia Leaders Fellow 2013-14

Hinrich Global Trade Leaders Scholar 2013-14


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