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Rita Nguyen is the co-founder and CEO of MySQUAR, the first local-language social platform created to enrich the lives of the Myanmar people, through deep, accessible and rich online experiences. The mission of MySQUAR is to inspire creativity, entertainment and a better standard of living in Myanmar by offering world class consumer technology solutions.


Rita Nguyen has 15 years of experience in online marketing & product development. Prior to moving to Asia, Rita led the creation and development of the online marketing, community & social media teams for Electronic Arts, one of the largest gaming companies in the world. At the time that she joined the company, Facebook and Twitter did not exist and the concept of social media was not part of the common vernacular. Over the course of 5 years she moved the company to be one of the top 10 most social brands in the world. She then returned to Asia and fell in love with the start up world while working with the co-founders of VNG in Vietnam and mig33 in Singapore.


In 2014, she was named on Forbes magazine’s ‘Women to Watch in Asia’ list.

Rita Nguyen

Co-founder & CEO



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