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Ngo Hoang Gia

Ngo Hoang Gia is the co-founder of FarmVine, a start-up aiming to create software and service solutions that can produce more sustainble value chains of agricultural products in developing countries. This business venture targets the bottom of the pyramid and is being developed under the Pears Challenge program. 


Gia has also worked in various projects involving mobile and web application development, graphic designs and natural language processing research. His passion lies in using technology to cater the needs of people in the developing world, and in particular, his home country, Vietnam.


Currently, Gia is pursuing his bachelor's in Electrical Engineering at the National University of Singapore. This year, Gia came to Israel through the NUS Enterprise program at the National University of Singapore. As part of the Enterprise program, Gia is currently working as a software developer at Project Ray, a company that brings smartphone technology to the visually impaired. Meanwhile, he is also taking a course on Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Recanati Business School, Tel Aviv University. 

Founder, FarmVine

Software Developer, Project Ray

National University of Singapore


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