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Ariel Beery is the CEO of MobileOCT, a medical device company seeking to eradicate cervical cancer by making screening as ubiquitous as mobile phones, and working daily to advance biomedical imaging of cancers and other abnormalities of epithelial tissue.


Ariel is also the Co-Founder and served as Global CEO of the PresenTense Group, a largely volunteer-run community of innovators and entrepreneurs, thinkers and leaders, creators and educators, from around the world, who are investing their ideas and energy to revitalize the established Jewish community. He co-founded PresenTense back in 2005, served as the editor and publisher of PresenTense Magazine, and co-founded of the PresenTense Institute for socially-minded entrepreneurs in 2007.


Ariel teaches and lectures at universities and conferences worldwide, primarily on the effect of the Digital Age on communities, societies and community organizing.

Ariel Beery

CEO, MobileOCT

Co-Founder, PresenTense


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