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2013 Summit Review





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Interview with Rajiv Prakash - Founder, Next In Partners, India

Interview with Levi Shapiro - Partner, JIMMI Fund TMT Strategic Advisors, Israel

Summit in the News




"Great speaking at the Israel-Asia Summit and initiating discussion on collaborating for innovation to solve problems of a billion people."

- Dr. Arvind Gupta, National Technology Head, BJP, India


"A milestone event in Israel's relations with Asia...the Israel-Asia Summit set a standard for gatherings for entrepreneurs from Asia and Israel in the future - inspirational and truly refreshing."

- Emanuel Shahaf, The Times of Israel, Israel


"Chinese start-ups are market-driven while here in Israel they are problem-driven...this is something we can learn from Israel - the spirit of true innovation."

- Gang Lu, Founder,, China


"Last year's [Israel-Asia Summit] was the most inspiring conference I had been at all year."

- Ariel Beery, CEO, MobileOCT, Israel

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